By Paula @ Holiday World

… when someone you don’t even know can bring tears to your eyes.

This was posted last night on ThemeParkReview, a forum for roller coaster enthusiasts:

I can’t believe it has been 66 days since this all started. Everyday but the past two hours have felt like forever and now those 66 days seem to have flown by. It’s wonderful to see so many guests and members viewing this thread for a “little park in the middle of a cornfield.”

I am very excited for tomorrow but it’s an odd excitement. Usually for Christmas, the feeling of excitement is pared with wondering if you got that new toy or gadget or if you got a few pairs of socks (again). This excitement isn’t like that at all. This excitement is not caring what’s under the tree but, instead, is an excitement where just getting something is the best part of all!

Seriously, it could be socks and I’d still want to wear holes in them.

All will be revealed this evening starting at 8:15pm CDT: Please join us!

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8 Responses to “Emotions run high …”

  1. Joy brown

    Christmas in July!!!! Everyone so busy when the on dec one…and that’s when my 25 yr olds austism daughters birthday is she’s rarely ever had a birthday party or anything cause everyone always busy doing there own thing and family is strung from one state to another…so, I started celebrated. It in July ..odd thing Lacey loves Christmas being born on Christmas Eve and delivered by dr. Christmas in Marietta , Ga…she still writes to Santa every year ,,this year we plan on delivering it to Santa Claus mailbox at holiday world…glad there is a place she will love to visit this year..

  2. Matthew

    Don’t have time to make a video but my guess is a wood steal hybrid coaster you are building a new one or having the voyage re done because I noticed y’all dropped the timber liner idea it will be like the Goliath roller coaster @ Six Flags Over Georgia about the same price and everything

  3. Penny Burke

    My family and I love Holiday World. Every one there are great. We discovered holiday world 10 yrs ago and have not went anywhere else since

  4. Jennifer White

    Just seen the video of tonight’s announcement . I won’t put it all on here so I don’t spoil the surprise if anyone still doesn’t know . OMG!! You made my husbands year – he can’t wait !his eyes light up like Christmas . So even thou we just visted down there a week ago, we will def be seeing you next year . Congrats holiday world family on your new ” baby ” 🙂

  5. Someone

    Super excited about new coaster, Thunderbird! Way to go, holiday world!!!!!

  6. Matthew

    Am I missing something? Thunderbird sounds like it fits more accurately in the Halloween section than the Thanksgiving section