By Paula @ Holiday World

One of the many excellent side benefits of working in the amusement industry is the friendships formed from park to park.

Those who don’t work in our industry often assume we have some sort of cutthroat thing going on, but that’s just not so. Sure, we’re competitors, but we also wish each other only the best and cheer for each other as we all grow.

Receiving well-wishes from Jeffrey at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Tony at Cedar Point, David at IAAPA and David at ACE was sweet icing on the cake yesterday. So when Tony teased us on Twitter, we sent some fun right back:

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2 Responses to “Park pals”

  1. Henry

    That’s really nice. My home park is Cedar Point and Tony is a great guy!

    Congrats on Thunderbird. Can’t wait to come out to Holiday World next year to ride it.

    I rode your three awesome wooden coasters yesterday and was blown away by each of them. Your park is the park in hospitality.