By Leah Koch

Paula’s note: as a fellow “middle child,” I just had to take a few minutes on my day off to post Leah’s musings. My middle child, John, started laughing when I told him what I was up to: You should wait till tomorrow, Mom. That fits the Middle Child Syndrome perfectly – “Um, I really meant to get to it, dear … Sorry, I got caught up with your other siblings and just didn’t get around to it …”

And so, here is Leah’s post – in celebration of today’s holiday: Middle Child Day!

To all of the middle children of the world, today is your day. Enjoy it. Let’s be real: the attention won’t last long.

To you middle children, go forth and demand the attention you so crave from your parents. (Come on, it only lasts a few more hours anyway.)

I’ve written before about how my dad built three wooden coasters and had three children, so we each have a special bond with our coordinating coasters (Lauren—the oldest—with The Raven; Me—the middle—with The Legend; William—the youngest—with The Voyage).

The Legend at Holiday WorldI especially feel that bond when it comes to The Legend. You see, some critics can be kind of mean about coasters. Actually they can be really mean.

I often read coaster forums (yes, I’m watching), and when people post that The Legend is overrated or that it sucks, I die a little bit on the inside (keep that in mind, enthusiasts—not to guilt you or anything).

Even one of our Coaster Cats once made fun of The Legend. To my face. While I ran away and cried, my sister beat him up (not really). But we did have a good laugh once he realized I love The Legend.

It really is true though:

The Legend just never got the same recognition as the others

But today is not the day to speak poorly of my Legend. Today is the day we celebrate the oft-forgotten coaster.

Because The Legend cannot speak, we middle children must speak for it.

Today we’ll [maybe] stop peacemaking and negotiating between family members just for a moment.

Today we’ll take a moment to proudly state, “I am a middle child, and I … still probably won’t get my first choice in where we have dinner tonight.”

Today we’ll ride The Legend. And I’ll probably guilt-trip a bunch of people from the office to come join me.

And we’ll ride for you – for the middle children of the world.

Because today we demand [just like five minutes of your] attention.

And if you can’t be here today to ride The Legend, maybe you could go vote for it (and The Raven and The Voyage) in this poll? Saturday is National Roller Coaster Day. Wouldn’t it be great to see The Legend named 2014’s Great American Coaster?
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10 Responses to “Are you a ‘middle child’?”

  1. Terri

    I’m a middle child also, should say a middle adult now. I really didn’t crave alot of attention from my parents, because they always paid attention to all five of us. Leah, you take that ride today for all of us middle children, since I can’t be there to take a ride for them.

  2. Terry Page

    I am a middle child. When I turned 50, my mother wrote my a letter that she felt bad that my older sister (with Down Syndrome) and my brother being the baby and hyper active got a lot more attention. It was nice she was thinking of me all along.

  3. Ryan

    I am also a middle child. Only boy between two girls. Off subject but thanks for the 8 pay plan for 2015 season passes. Signed up yesterday and made first payment. We are super excited for next summer.

  4. Bob B

    I’m the middle of nine. Two boys, two girls, me, two girls, two boys. Now I understand my symmetry obsession.

  5. Brandon

    The Legend may be a little rough and tough, but that is the way middle children needs to be. Speaking as a lifelong roller coaster fan (and a middle child myself), I believe that the Legend is very underrated and is a great coaster. Speaking as a Coaster Cat, I have heard many coaster enthusiasts say how much they love the Legend and even that it is their favorites of all of our coasters. So Leah keep on bragging about how great the park’s middle child is.

  6. Aliya Ellis

    Recent research suggests that this syndrome is, in total, a myth. In fact, middle children develop personality traits that help them succeed in jobs and relationships even faster than their older and younger siblings.

  7. Destiny Caulk

    Hi! Love love love holiday world!! I was the middle child in my foster family . I wish I could come for the day to holiday world but I can’t afford it sadly!! Loved it when I had a season pass

  8. Paul D Burrows

    Yes I am….an older Brother and Sister and a Younger Brother and Sister. I’m the go to person to solve all the problems.