By Paula @ Holiday World

Come on, you recognize that line, right?

It’s Ralphie from “A Christmas Story,” crestfallen when he discovers his Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring uncovers nothing more than “a crummy commercial,” there in the Parker family’s one bathroom (with Randy pounding on the door).

Love that movie!

And so, I tried to soften this tweeted “crummy commercial” with a cool rendering of Thunderbird.

You’ve heard of Thunderbird, right? It’s our huge new steel coaster for 2015. The nation’s first launched wing coaster.

With plenty of “near misses”:

We’ve tried, through tweets and Facebook posts, plus our e-newsletter, to spread the work that the best Easy Pay deal expires at midnight tonight (Friday, August 15, 2014). This is our final effort, through the good ol’ HoliBlog.

We’re adding perks for our Season Pass Holders, such as a Thunderbird preview the night before we open for the season next April.

Also, if you purchase your 2015 Season Passes this fall and have them processed while we’re still open for the 2014 season, you’ll get a free Bring A Friend admission during Happy Halloween Weekends, plus a free Thunderbird cup.

Too bad we don’t have a Thunderbird Decoder Ring. I don’t think Ralphie would mind decoding this message: Be-sure-to-ride-the-nation’s-first-launched-wing-coaster-at-Holiday-World-in-2015.

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2 Responses to ““A crummy commercial …””

  1. Wendy

    Please make certain the Thunderbird ride can accomodate those of larger size….I was disappointed in the narrow seating on the Mayflower….I normally can ride “pirate ship” rides….this one was notably more narrow than on others I have ridden, and because the bar could not latch over my midsection, I was unable to ride. Even with my large size I was still able to squeeze into the tiny seats on the Voyage and Legend rides, so I would hope that you are making effort to make the ride adjustable to account for even your taller and larger guests. Thank you so much for finally building a steel coaster and looking forward to hopefully getting to ride it!!