By Paula @ Holiday World

On July 24, while our Thunderbird announcement was still underway, there it was on Twitter: Orange is the New Track.

I’d gladly give credit to the clever person who tweeted that witty phrase within seconds of seeing our Thunderbird animation, but alas, Twitter won’t give me access that far back in our “notification” history. (We have been tweeted-at a lot lately!)

Whoever you are – bravo!

Because suddenly, we all love orange.

Matt, of course, he’s always been an orange fan.

In fact, he insists it’s his favorite color.

Orange is the new Matt

Orange is the new Matt?

No, no, no … sorry.

If you look just behind Matt, you’ll notice more even orange.

Ah, the first piece of track.

Today’s the day.

VP James paced like an expectant father.

In his orange hard hat, of course.

James watches the first piece of track take off

But then it was time for everyone to step back.

It was time for that first piece of Thunderbird track …

… to fly!

Thunderbird track

The first piece of track goes inside the coaster station … which doesn’t exist yet, because the track needs to be in place first. And then Thunderbird’s station will be built.

Got it?

First piece of Thunderbird track

Ah, there we go! That first beautiful piece of orange track is now in place.

… watched over carefully by all the other parental units who have been waiting years for this proud day.

Let’s see, here are the backs of our newlyweds, Lauren and Michael … and you already know Matt and James.

First piece of track

And there you have it. One piece of track in place …

… just 76 more to go.

First piece of Thunderbird track

Thunderbird will take flight on April 25. And if you join us on opening day, brace yourself: more than a few of us will probably ask, “Orange you glad we built this?”




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4 Responses to “Orange is the New Track”

  1. Mike Brown

    Looks sweet! Can’t wait for the “Will Power Orange Juice” to flow for #Thunderbird to fly!