By Lauren R.

When you work at a theme park, job titles and job descriptions can change rapidly on any given day. Normally, my title is Communications Coordinator, but last Saturday it was “Artist Runner” during our annual Rock the World event.

When I agreed to be an artist runner earlier this month, I was told my job would be to run errands for the artists and their crews throughout the day.

So basically my day would include:

  • Driving artists and their crews
  • Enjoying the Rock the World Main Stage Concerts
  • And having access to the catering tent throughout the day

Sounded like a great day to me! And my initial thought was not wrong ….

My morning consisted of running the bus drivers, who had been driving through the night, to their hotels so they could get some rest. Nothing too crazy.

The real excitement began just as the storm started to move in late in the afternoon. Along with one of my fellow artist runners, Scott, I was given the task to take TobyMac and a couple of his band members to Kringle’s Banquet Hall for his Meet & Greet session.

They just managed to hop in the Jeep right as the rain decided to let loose. From the moment he got in the car, Toby chatted with us about his son’s football game which he had attended earlier in the day. I could tell immediately he was quite the Proud Poppa … especially when he told everyone in the car his son’s team had won.

My favorite moment of this short trip came right before we dropped him off at the door to the Meet & Greet. Of course, talking about his son’s football game led the discussion further into favorite NFL teams. Being from Nashville, he is Titans fan (rivals of the Indianapolis Colts – our favorite team). And as he got out of the Jeep, he ended our discussion with a funny crack at us being Colts fans.

Look at that grin – he’s probably still chuckling about his joke!

TobyMac Meet & Greet

 I guess all that talk about football worked up an appetite for him and his crew because shortly after we returned from the Meet & Greet, I received a message that two of us needed to deliver some pizza to TobyMac and his crew.

When we picked up the order, I was amazed when we were handed nine huge pizzas plus an order of hot wings – enough food to feed 80 people. Boy, those crew members sure can eat!

Guess it gave them the extra boost of energy they needed to rock the show!

TobyMac on Stage

The best part of my day came during TobyMac’s last song of the night when a couple dozen park employees were asked to go up on stage and toss glow-in-the-dark beach balls into the crowd.

When it came time for me to throw my ball into the crowd, I moved to the front of the stage and gave it my best volleyball serve.

As I turned to move back, TobyMac stuck his arm out for me to take and we did a dance around the stage. It was definitely the highlight of my “artist running” experience!

What an amazing day!

Together, all of us Rocked the World!

Do you have suggestions for which Christian Rock artists you’d like to see headline our Rock the World main stage on August 22, 2015? Please provide your ideas and feedback by completing our quick Rock the World survey by September 10. Thanks!

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One Response to “A Day in the Life of an ‘Artist Runner’”

  1. Shannon R

    Oh you are the one who gave me and my son a ride I believe. You guys were incredible and we saw you on stage with Toby Mac and were so thrilled for you. You helped make our concert experience wonderful. Thanks so much!!
    Thanks also to the one who gave us a ride back up!