By Paula @ Holiday World

The downside of visiting the Thunderbird construction site on a Sunday, there’s just isn’t much going on …

The upside, of course, is you can take a photo like this:

Thunderbird's brake run

Above? Well that’s Thunderbird’s brake run.

Thunderbird's brake run

Here’s another view:

It’s amazing to see so many pieces of bright orange track scattered around the staging area, knowing that in just a few months there will be loops and dives and crossovers galore.

For now, though, we have a field of corn separating much of the steel track and supports from the construction site.

The track that’s being put in place right now is in the area where Thunderbird’s station will go – that’s the building you’ll go in right before you ride.

You are planning to ride this beauty, right?

The horizon will soon take on such a different look and a different color.

Steel field, corn field, construtcion

The brake run is ready to be hoisted in place very soon. You might even catch the action live on our Thunderbird ConstructionCam this week.

Here’s VP James with an update in our latest edition of the Hard Hat Chronicles:

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2 Responses to “A bird’s eye view”

  1. chris estes

    we were just there yesterday! checked out what we could of the site from afar! Looking good! can’t wait to join on april 24th!