We brake for billboards

Poor James.

My youngest son, that is.

This is his final year as a too-young-to-drive teen, and he has to put up with just two more semesters of me dashing out the door like a crazy person to drive him to school on time.

We’ve been cutting it close lately. Or, rather, I’ve been cutting it close.

But this morning was different – I was ready to go before James. By maybe a minute or two, but still … you other parents out there understand my delight, don’t you?

As I was chattering away to my not-quite-awake son about how much better I was doing with dropping him off to school earlier, something along the side of the road caught my eye:

And so, those two minutes of wiggle room evaporated as we pulled over so I could grab that photo (I waited till later to post it on Twitter).

James is good-natured, thankfully, and put up with my impromptu lecture about the wondrous punctuation change that was made to the new Happy Halloween Weekends billboard, one that makes me happy in a way only #GrammarHammer types can understand.

Meanwhile, let’s remind everyone again that we’re not open to the public this weekend (Saturday/Sunday, September 6 and 7) or next Sunday (September 14), as the parks are “bought out” for three days of corporate outings.

Calendar note: There is just one day left this season when you can visit both Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari, and that’s Saturday, September 13. Hope to see you then!

Craving (not carving) some Halloween treats

We’re starting to talk pumpkins, corn mazes and singing zombies around here …

And the first reaction left no doubt in our minds that Pumpkin Pie Flurries will be the treat to beat this fall:

Happy Halloween Weekends begin September 20!

Moore harmony

Just had to share this clip from yesterday’s performance by Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out.

They were part of Day 2 of our three-day Red, White & Bluegrass Festival this weekend:

Our Bluegrass Festival continues today, with performances in our Hoosier Celebration Theater by The Boxcars, the Claire Lynch Band and Lonesome River Band.