By Paula @ Holiday World

When you visit us for Happy Halloween Weekends, be sure to include our Halloween Magic Show on your don’t-miss-it list.

Unless, of course, you don’t like to laugh.

Or hear children laugh.

Happy Kellems (and Mrs. Kellems) performing at Santa Claus Land

Happy Kellems (and Mrs. Kellems) performing at Santa Claus Land

Don Baggett’s magic skills extend far beyond sleight of hand. He has the gift of extracting giggly, irrepressible laughter from youngsters.

You know, that kind of laughter that would be called raucous if it came from adults.

But we’re usually too dignified to erupt with that much unbridled glee.

Earlier this year, I asked Don when the magic bug bit him and was touched by his reply:

The very first magic show I ever saw as a child was at Santa Claus Land (now Holiday World).

It featured Gene Smith and Happy Kellems.

I remember sitting there watching the show several times that day, wanting to know and do the magic that was being performed for me. I also knew that someday I, too, wanted to perform on a stage at Holiday World.

My love for magic and Holiday World have always gone hand in hand.

Here’s a small sampling of Don’s magic and the wonderful laughter that always accompanies it:

Don sent us some tips for young magicians; please check them out over on our Halloween Magic Show page.

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3 Responses to “Magic in the air”

  1. Helen Morrow

    We have always decorated lots for Halloween because our youngest daughter was norm on Halloween. now we decorate for the granddaughters. Our first family trip to Holiday World was the end of August just this year! Both grown daughters, our son-in-law, two granddaughters and my husband went. I had to stay home recovering from surgery where I had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The family had a blast and every week or two the babies talk about going again but with me this time! I’d love to win these tickets for them. I couldn’t go this time cause I’m in the middle of chemo but the would love it!! I’ll go as soon as I am able.

  2. Elaine Fix

    Best park ever! Always friendly staff! I would also say it is the cleanest park i have ever been to.

  3. Kristy Phillips

    My family goes to Holiday World every summer. My oldest daughter (17 this year) was born on Halloween. We always have partys for her, but always on a different day. This year we are going to try the halloween week at Holiday World. It sounds like a blast. We also have two other children 10 and 8 that will enjoy themselves as well. If they like it better then trick or treating we will go every year.