By Paula @ Holiday World

From before the sun was up this morning, we were all grabbing our phones to check the weather apps.

I even bugged our morning weathermen:

But the #WeatherPermitting phrase continued to haunt us.

Reporters called one after another: Are you still planning to do this?


I dashed between the raindrops to capture this photo. Then the sensible voice in my head out-shouted the excited voice and proclaimed: That 140-foot-tall track is one heck of a lightning rod!

The storm was intense, but didn’t last long.

And then it was time. Swing that beautiful track!

… and the second half of the video:

And then …

We’ll have a new Hard Hat Chronicles to post later today, with lots of footage from the topping.

Thanks to our hard-working Thunderbird Construction teams for making it all look so easy.

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One Response to “Weather permitted”

  1. Jean Witte

    This was exciting, but I was even more excited about seeing the BLOOD MOOD, which we were able to capture on IPhone!