By Paula @ Holiday World

Ah, but actually our talented troupe of undead are from all over … er, under.

This year’s Graveyard Smash zombies hail (and wail) from as close by as Santa Claus and Jasper and as far away as New York, Chicago, New Orleans and Honolulu!

They sing like a bunch of ghouls:

We hope you’ll join us for Graveyard Smash and all of Happy Halloween Weekends.

We think you’ll dig it.

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4 Responses to “Hoosier favorite zombie?”

  1. Lori

    I got a question and I’m sure you know the answer. What white makeup should I use for my costume this year? We are doing the day of the dead at work and I need it to last all day. Any suggestions? With you guys dealing with it every year you would be the perfect people to ask. Please help!

  2. Zaja Baker

    I would love to know what your zombies use to create fine details such as lines and shading on their faces. It’s incredible how they all do their own makeup and they make it look exactly the same every time we visit them! My family and I love them all. The little girls especially love Trevor the Undertaker 🙂 They’re always talking about how fun and silly he is! I hope to see you guys again this Saturday!