By Paula @ Holiday World

Such a pretty time of the year!

The trees are brilliant with red, yellow, gold and …

Thunderbird prepares to cross Voyage

Yes, there’s a pop of orange out in the woods by The Voyage this year.

Where exactly? Thunderbird will cross Voyage once right here:

Thunderbird will soon cross The Voyage

As you can see, it’s between the second and third hills on Voyage.

Of course what goes up must come down. Likewise, what crosses over must cross back.

We’ll be sure to show you that, too, when it happens.

Meanwhile, we’re feeling a little loopy after all the rain this week, but it looks like our Thunderbird crews will be busy tomorrow.

Thunderbird's track, crossing The Voyage

Did you know that at 125 feet, Thunderbird’s vertical loop is the tallest on any wing coaster?

It’ll take a 200-ton crane to top it.

Two toppings in two weeks? That’s keeping us right on track with construction.

Did you catch this video from last week’s Immelmann topping?

Kudos to our Thunderbird construction team – lifting that nine-ton piece high in the air and placing it gently right where it was meant to go. Amazing. And right after a big storm (yes, Thunderbird, we know you’re in charge!).

Orange you excited about tomorrow? Follow us on Twitter for updates and be sure to tune in on our live webcams to see all the action.

Which element of Thunderbird are you most eager to experience? Please post a comment and let us know!

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6 Responses to “The woods are ablaze with fall colors”

  1. Mason J.

    The cross over with Voyage! Two of my all time favorite coasters meeting! (yes, I already know thunderbird will be another favorite, and I haven’t even rode it!)

  2. Terry Page

    Not for me, but my grandkids and kids would love it, I’m sure. We didn’t get to come this year, but next year they will have something to look forward to.