By Paula @ Holiday World

Oops, just realized we hadn’t blogged about our latest episode of the Hard Hat Chronicles, and there’s already another one in the works.

We get to hear from Matt, Lauren and Leah this time, in addition to James, as we watch the Immelmann (the highest point of the ride) topped.

Lauren and Leah proudly display their “girl power” with their pink hard hats. Who said construction can’t be stylish? (Just don’t look at their shoes – it was quite muddy after Thunderbird unleashed his power and stormed on us that morning.)

Do you have any questions you’d like answered in future Hard Hat Chronicles? Please post a comment below.

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4 Responses to “A hard hat of a different color”

  1. George Payne

    When is your date for topping the horseshoe? How are you going to connect the line for the Thunderbird to the Thanksgiving section without connecting it to the water park?

    • Nick

      They just connected it to the pathway going to Hyena Falls. Most of the pathway has already been poured, actually.

  2. Nick

    When can we expect the station building to go vertical? Also, can we get more details on how you guys plan on telling Thunderbird’s legend through the theming in the plaza, queue and station?