By Paula @ Holiday World

Heading back to Santa Claus on I-64 this afternoon following a visit with our web designers, we saw a flash of orange up ahead.

“Hey! Is that our track?”

Well, yes of course it had to be. It was orange.

And it’s become impossible for us to look at the color orange and not think of Thunderbird.

Because #OrangeIsTheNewTrack

We passed the truck before I could take any photos, so we slowed down enough to grab a few. Texted one to James and quickly heard back that, no, that didn’t look like our track. Or track at all, for that matter.


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2 Responses to “Hey! Is that our track?”

  1. mickey

    NO ! Thats not part of your track ! Thats the missing piece to my Hot Wheels Track ! YOur little gremlins must of borrowed it !