By Lauren R.

While visiting the park during our Happy Halloween Weekends, you may have noticed these festive fall displays, located in each of our holiday-themed park sections.

We know there are lots of Elf on the Shelf fans out there; how about Pumpkins on the Shelves?

Our other Lauren, who is our Director of Theming, borrowed this idea from the beautiful pumpkin displays at Germany’s Europa-Park: “They build massive structures – they’re really impressive – and I thought this could be our first step toward something similar.”

The process began with our Carpenter crew. They built themed display shelves, and then sent them off to our Painters for just the right shade of holiday color.

Next, with some help from our Halloween decorating committee, the pumpkins were selected. Small pumpkins, similar in shape, were needed since it’s close quarters between those shelves.

Christmas pumpkin displayThen came the really fun part – decorating the pumpkins!

Fourth of July pumpkin displayYou’ve probably carved pumpkins at home, but in case you haven’t spray-painted any before, here’s a tip:

Set the pumpkin on a flat surface to keep the bottom from being painted. Why not paint the bottom of the pumpkin? This allows it to “breathe” and stay looking fresh longer.

Pumpkins were painted in a shimmery green and gold glitter spray paint for the ornament design found in the Christmas section.

Old Glory was the inspiration for the design of our first 4th of July section display.

Pumpkin displayThese patriotic pumpkins were painted red, white, and blue and arranged in order so that they looked like the American flag, using foam stickers for the stars.

Pumpkin pyramidNext is our pyramid display, which is also located in 4th of July. It can be found just outside of Mummy’s Treasure Maze, near Eagle’s Flight (renamed “Eagle’s Fright” for our Halloween event).

The pumpkins here were painted a golden yellow color. After they were dry, Lauren added an extra touch of theming by hand-painting hieroglyphics onto several rows of pumpkins.

Can you figure out the message?

Our  fourth pumpkin display is in the Halloween section and features a grinning jack-o-lantern design (or did, until some mischievous Guests re-arranged the pumpkins, that is – we put the pumpkin puzzle back together, though!).


Happy Halloween Weekends are over for another season, but there’s still time to decorate at home before the holiday arrives.

Do you have any Halloween decorating tips you’d like to share – or “how’d you do that?” questions for us? Please post them below. Also, we’re always happy to hear your feedback and ideas for future years.

Here’s wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween – evermore!

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