By Paula @ Holiday World

We’ve received a number of emails from VTPs.

That would be Very Tall People.

These VTPs really want to ride Thunderbird and are wondering about height limits.

Oh, and we’re hearing from the other end of the scale, too: How tall does my child have to be to ride Thunderbird?

Before we reveal those numbers, here’s a look of the two managers who will supervise our Thunderbird crew.

Meet our Theme Park Attractions Managers:

Lori and Andy, ready to ride Thunderbird!

Lori and Andy, ready to ride Thunderbird!

My goodness, Andy is quite tall, is he not?

Or is Lori quite untall?

Well, both will be able to ride Thunderbird in the spring.

As long as Andy doesn’t grow any taller, that is. Because he’s 6’6″ tall, and that’s the maximum.

Lori is safe, she’s 5’3″ and that’s plenty tall. (The minimum height to ride Thunderbird is 52″, which is 4’4″ tall.)

Meanwhile, how is construction coming along? At the risk of jinxing the whole process, we’re a week ahead of schedule. There are so many people who have worked so hard to accomplish this that I’ll take my chances.

Here’s VP James with our latest episode of the Hard Hat Chronicles:

Have you watched our live Thunderbird Construction Webcams yet? If it’s during the day when you read this, please take a look and even play with the interactive one, which lets you choose the views. If it’s after dark, though … well, take your cue from Annie (the sun’ll come out … tomorrow!). I learned this the hard way, by the way. Years ago, someone emailed at night that our webcam was broken – embarrassing as it is to admit, it probably took me a good hour or two to figure out it was just really dark out.

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2 Responses to “The long and short of it”

  1. Wendy

    While you are determining the restrictions on the Thunderbird ride….what about weight restrictions? I have a husband who is rather large. Also, while visiting the park this summer, I was unable to ride the Mayflower due to my size and am hoping that I won’t be disappointed again. Thank you for letting us know 🙂

    • Paula @ Holiday World

      Since we’re all built differently and carry our weight in different places, it’s not possible to set a weight recommendation for Thunderbird or our other coasters, sorry. We will have a test seat available to try out before getting in line to make sure there’s a comfortable fit. Thank you!