By Paula @ Holiday World

Well, you figured it out, didn’t you?

We moved Sparkler this week from 4th of July to Thanksgiving and re-named it Crow’s Nest.

Before we move any further with this, we’re not talking about a physical nest where Mama Crow lays her eggs. No.

We’re speaking in nautical terms.

Crow's Nest and Thunderbird

See that bucket-looking gold-rimmed brown cone beneath Crow’s Nest’s flag? That’s a crow’s nest. It’s a lookout point near the top of the main mast of a ship.

And lookout! What a view!

Crow's Nest and Thunderbird

Since we revealed Sparkler’s move, we’ve been asked a number of questions.

So here’s a Crow’s Nest FAQ:

Q: What is Crow’s Nest’s color scheme?

A: The seats will be brown, as will the base of the ride. The white tower and yellow sweeps will remain the same. The mesh between the sweeps will have a nautical design.

Q: How close is Crow’s Nest to Thunderbird?

A: Don’t worry – they’re close, but not too close. We have a tool for measuring the “envelope” needed for each ride – and they do not intersect. We will always put your safety first.

Q: So what’s replacing Sparkler in 4th of July?

A: For 2015, we’ll add some extra seating in that area. For 2016? Too soon to tell.

The ride’s move took about a week. Sparkler was removed, parts were repainted, and Crow’s Nest was set in place a few days later.

Take a look:

Here’s another view – the one you’ll see if you can manage to keep your eyes open during Thunderbird’s launch:

View of Crow's Nest from above

Do you have any other questions about Crow’s Nest? Please post them below and we’ll try to get you answers. I have to stop writing now, though – that last photo is making me dizzy!

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26 Responses to “Crow’s Nest: A bird’s-eye view”

  1. HolidayWorldFTW

    Wow. That’s incredible ride placement, it really is. I was curious how that ride could be re themed to fit and you guys did it perfectly! This is going to be soooo awesome in that spot! Great move!

      • HolidayWorldFTW

        I’ve been to HW more times than anyone can count. Usually I get a season pass. The reason this placement is gonna rock is because of how close it is to Thunderbird!

  2. Matt

    Any slight hint as to what is going to be done with the giant concrete pad, a.k.a. Giraffica/Pilgrims Plunge? Is the concrete being removed this year?

  3. Paul

    Well when Thunderbird goes over you wont be able to dwell on the height. Are you going to have to coaxed into riding Thunderbird like you were (I can’t believe its been 20 years) The Raven? It is just to bad my grandson is not tall enough to ride Thunderbird yet.

  4. Jason

    If this is the Sparkler.. is something replacing the sparkler????
    I like the Idea that you are adding to the Thanksgiving area.. and so looking forward to the New rides, and new look to the park……..

  5. Richard Miller

    Are you Guys going to Keep adding to just the Thanksgiving Park or other rides in the other theme parks? and what about water rides?

  6. Joel Hassel

    Why is there not a ferris wheel at Holiday World? They should add one.

  7. Josh

    Can you guys add a st Patrick’s day area maybe add a Ferris wheel or another banshee ride this time call it the rainbow

  8. david

    Im thinking thrill for 2016. Like a huss giant frisbee, topspin or one of those new crazy top spin rides from abc rides, that was posted on screamscape a few days ago. But an awsome roller coaster replacing the pilgrims plunge ride area, would be the tip of the hat.