By Paula @ Holiday World

Since adding our Limited Edition Thunderbird Blueprint to the HoliShop yesterday afternoon, we’ve had orders from New York to California, Minnesota to Florida!

In all, Thunderbird Blueprints are heading to good homes in 12 states plus the District of Columbia. So far.

This is a pre-sale, with delivery in mid-January.

Thunderbird Blueprint Product Gallery - Logo

Poor Retail Manager Rob is catching it from all directions – now we all want a Thunderbird Blueprint Throw, a Thunderbird Blueprint shirt, a Thunderbird Blueprint beach towel, and even a Thunderbird Blueprint shower curtain (that one was my idea; don’t judge me).

Do you have any ideas for new products? Please post them below. The sky’s the limit!

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One Response to “We’ll have a Blue(print) Christmas”

  1. Chuck

    Yes sunglasses and with out any thinking a SNAPBACK HAT!!!!!!!! and some Pajamas they not have to be in blue print just regular stuff of the Thunderbird! and some Orange shirts those reds ones make no sense to me. I just need some more to buy for the Thunderbird I ran out of stuff to buy I got 2 of everything now! but the Snapback Hat would be awesome.