By Paula @ Holiday World

The first train for Thunderbird is now here!

Thunderbird opens April 25!

Car by car, they were lifted into Thunderbird’s Maintenance Building.

Thunderbird opens April 25!

At four seats per car, this train is huge!

Thunderbird opens April 25!

And yes, Thunderbird’s trains include what coaster enthusiasts refer to as “big boy” seats. So if you’re built a little like Santa, you’ll be happy to know the middle row of each train will include four seats which offer more room for the big-and-tall among us.

Here’s a look at what we got for Christmas (a little bit early) –

including our two front seats!

Thunderbird opens April 25 – Merry Christmas to all!

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4 Responses to “All I want for Christmas is my two front seats!”

  1. Kaan

    Thanks to all the workers holiday world has made a lots of good rides espicially the THUNDERBIRD