By Paula @ Holiday World

When we started the Hard Hat Chronicles video series early this year, it was to start revving up for Thunderbird construction updates.

Only we couldn’t tell you that back then.

Here we are at the end of the year as we bring you another episode – number 12, actually – as we throw another curve into Thunderbird’s construction.

Crow's Nest

It’s been loads of fun putting these together (even VP James now agrees, although at the beginning he was a bit hesitant about appearing on camera).

Here’s Episode 12:

Do you have any ideas for other video series – or topics for future videos? Please post them here and we’ll sure try to make it happen.

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3 Responses to “Hard Hat Chronicles XII”

  1. Nate Kenny

    I would like to see more about the willpower and maintenance building and all the computers and electric equipment and the flywheel that make the launch run. Also would like to see some of the progress of the station from the inside. Great job though