66 Hours to See

If you are one of the rabid fans who counted down the days with us before we announced Thunderbird in late July, you’ll either laugh – or more likely grit your teeth – when you read the subject line of this post.

We. Just. Can’t. Help. Ourselves.

In last week’s edition of the Hard Hat Chronicles, Leah let slip that we have at least two more surprises concerning the Thunderbird ride experience.

She mentioned that we’re taking an existing ride in the park and moving it close by to Thunderbird’s launchpad.

You know, here:

Readying for the ride move

Regarding the existing ride, it will be rebranded.

And that takes paint.

And Rick.

Rick painting a new look on an existing ride

Our “66 Hours” reference above isn’t an exact countdown, but we hope it comforts those who are already missing sleep over this.

You’ll know soon.

Probably Tuesday.

Any guesses as to what it was and what it will be?

Here’s a little more of the color scheme:

Rebranding a ride

Speaking of “schemes,” there are lots more stories to be shared, including more information about the trains, the intriguing Will Power building and what it now contains, plus an added “near miss” pair of elements.

Stick with us through the colder months (subscribe to the HoliBlog so you don’t miss anything) and we’ll fill you in little by little.

The winter will just fly by!

“He roller coaster, he got early warning”

As a rule, I don’t do mushy.

Especially not in front of others.

And especially not while blogging.

It’s like I always say, “Friends don’t let friends blog and get sentimental.”

Okay, I’m kidding. I think we all know I’ve had a few sappy blog posts.

So, what’s one more mushy story?

Let me set the scene for you: Yesterday we placed the final piece of track for our new Thunderbird steel roller coaster. (Fun Fact: yesterday was also the one-year HoliVersary of James, our VP of Development & Maintenance. We think he intentionally scheduled that one.)

James did his usual interview for the Hard Hat Chronicles with Stephen (he’s the man behind the Hard Hat Chronicles).

Lauren and I then headed over to the construction site for interviews, which we nailed.

By saying we nailed our interviews, I actually mean Stephen had a lot of work to do with editing. Sorry Stephen!

After we finished our interviews, Lauren and I took a second to admire the unbroken ribbon of orange track winding through the woods before heading back.

Thunderbird, Voyage, Trees

Looking at the full coaster for the first time and seeing the elements pop in and out of the woods reminded me of just how proud my dad would be if he could see what we’re doing.

And that we’re three weeks ahead of schedule.

My train of thought was suddenly interrupted by a song playing over the radio: “Come Together” by the Beatles.

For those who don’t know, my dad was a HUGE Beatles fan. He was also an avid bass player, and “Come Together” was one of his favorite songs to play (Lauren actually hated the song for a considerable amount of time simply because Dad used to practice within earshot during homework and sleeping hours).

I looked at Lauren with a laugh and commented, “How appropriate.”

Last Piece of Thunderbird Track

We listened for a moment and smiled.

I think it’s exactly the song Dad would have picked for such an occasion.