Contest: Re-name this ride

Updated on 3/18/14: We have our winner! Thanks to everyone who entered; we ended up with nearly 3,000 great naming ideas. Our winner is Eric S. from Robinson, Illinois.

The new name? Water Bumpaloes.

How cute is that?!


We’re getting ready to retire this sign:

Sign for Dancer's Thunder Bumpers Junior

… but not the ride!

We’re moving this fun (and wet!) children’s ride to Splashin’ Safari.

And so we need your help in finding a new name.

And if your entry is chosen, we’ll send you two one-day tickets.

Holiday World's Thunder Bumpers Jr.

How to enter? Please read these rules:

1. All entries must be posted as a “comment” on this HoliBlog post no later than 10 am CT on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Please don’t include your address or phone number, we’ll notify the winner by email by March 25, 2014.

2. All HoliBlog comments are moderated (as long as they’re not spam or naughty, we’ll “approve” them), so if your entry doesn’t show up right away please don’t yell at your computer, phone or tablet. Or post over and over.

3. More than one entry per person is allowed, but each entry must be posted as a separate comment in order to be considered by our judges. (We don’t want a list. One at a time, please.)

4. To enter, you must be 13 years or older.

5. The prize is two one-day tickets for the 2014 season. Judges’ decision is final. Only one winner will be chosen (since we only need one name).

6. Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and their immediate family members are not eligible to win (so please don’t enter).

7. If we receive more than one entry suggesting the same name (and choose that name), the entry received first (as time-stamped on the pre-moderated posts) will win.

Holiday World's Thunder Bumpers JuniorNeed more info about the ride? There’s a webpage for that.

Did you know you can subscribe to the HoliBlog so that you receive all of our posts (and contests) by email? If you’re using a desktop computer or tablet, look for the “Subscribe to Blog” sidebar at the top-right corner of this page. On a smartphone? Just scroll down a tiny bit more.

Good luck to all – we can’t wait to see your clever names!


Purrrfect coasters need Coaster Cats

When it comes to our Coaster Cats, we’re feline thankful (that’s a joke, son).

Coaster Cats at work on Voyage track maintenance

In just about all kinds of weather, they’re out in the elements, taking care of our coasters.

One of this year’s off-season projects is retracking Voyage’s brake run.

Out with the old and in with the new!

Voyage track maintenance at Holiday World

“Dude, your eight layers are showing … ”

That’s right, just like Frosted Mini-Wheats®, the track for wooden coasters has eight layers. Can you count them?

This video provides some behind-the-scenes details about what the Coaster Cats work on during the winter months:

In addition to this brake-run work, our Coaster Cats retracked from under the Voyage station back up to the third 90-degree stretch of track. They also had some fun up at the spaghetti bowl. Next time you visit us, see if you can figure out what other portions of all three coasters received their TLC over the winter.

Track maintenance on The Voyage at Holiday World

And just when will these coasters roar back to life? It’s hard to believe, what with the crazy weather forecast for tomorrow, but we open for the season on May 3 – that’s just two months away!

Now it’s your turn: Which is your favorite Holiday World coaster?

A tease-tweet

Matt has three elementary school-aged children, so his word choice can be pretty darn tease-worthy:

The first ride of spring

Do you look for the “first robin of spring” each year?

Around here, it’s the first ride of spring; the first ride to spring back to life after a long winter’s nap.

And the first ride of the season is …

Maintenance setting up the first ride of 2014

Comet’s Rockets in Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch!

Here are three members of our maintenance crew – Anthony, Billy and Tom – getting the first rockets ready for launch.

Comet's Rockets, ready for another season

All we need now is cleaning, testing, training, and then …

Comet's Rockets at Holiday World

… just add children!

What’s next?

Can’t quite tell if Billy is carrying a seahorse – or a unicorn!

Putting Dasher's Seahorses back together for the season

Ah, there we go. Anthony has it figured out.

Dasher's Seahorses, assembled for the season

All the pretty seahorses, ready for spring.

Dasher's Seahorses, ready for the season

Have you ever seen a ride like Dasher’s Seahorses before? I’ve never heard of any other seahorse-go-rounds in existence. Please post if you know of another!

The month of March begins next week, can you believe it? The park will reawaken with lots of activity. We promise to keep you updated!

Frank incensed

Twitter can be a tough nut to crack.

But pieces of shell went flying all over my office this morning when I started channeling Frank Costanza of Seinfeld fame:

Marie Antoinette said it best …

So far in 2014 we’re two-for-two when it comes to All Hands Meetings.

Last month, as you may recall, we had an an off-site “meeting,” and this month …

What do you think? Too gorgeous to slice into and devour?

Santa statue cake

Did you really have to think about that one?

Santa statue cake - deeeeelish!

Of course, we talked about safety, staffing for the upcoming season, and our new marketing campaign.

Still, we can’t wait to see (or taste) what our March meeting is all about!

Someday, our ship will come in!

Mayflower construction site

This may look like a big hole right now, but in less than two months, we’ll fill it with ship.

Future home of the Mayflower

The Mayflower, that is.

Here’s a close-up of a bit of lovely rebar:

Rebar at the Mayflower construction site

I believe this is called the keel of the ship; it’s being created for us by Chance Rides.

The keel of the Mayflower

And here’s a similar piece from another angle:

Mayflower's keel

Ah, the Pilgrims never had it so good!

Sit down, Pilgrims!

Wow. You can tell it’s late on a Friday and time to go home. I keep hearing John Wayne’s voice in my head, “Sit down, Pilgrims!”

Did you catch our first installment of the Hard Hat Chronicles? We’re starting a series of video construction updates:

We sure hope you’re excited about riding Mayflower this season! Which seat will you try first – front, back or middle?

Rocking the World

So who is the person who puts together our special events, such as Happy Halloween Weekends and Rock the World?

That would be Ashley, our Special Events Manager.

And she’s grinning from ear to ear this morning after seeing the coverage of our Rock the World announcement in the latest edition of the Dubois County Herald.

Special Events Manager Ashley with Rock the World coverage

With headliners TobyMac and Mandisa performing at this year’s event, we’ll be rockin’ the cornfields once again!

I just love this photo Switchfoot’s Tim Foreman posted last year:

Head over to our Rock the World page for more details about this great event!