It’s a Barry kind of day

Whenever we talk about cabanas around here, it’s not long before someone starts humming, whistling or even singing Copacabana.

Without fail.

And then it’s one of those stuck-in-your-head earworms that last for at least the rest of the day.

So when I saw this photo from Nathan’s recent walk around the park, the tune exploded in my brain, with slightly new lyrics …

New cabanas at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari!

“At the Coaster – Coaster Cabana … the hottest spot in Indiana!”

We’ll have the new cabana-location map on our website in another month or so; cabana reservations will be available online starting in March.

And yes, that song is still stuck in my head. Even now.


No fair! We want to go, too!

Anyone else spending a considerable amount of time this week grumbling about the frigid temperatures?

When you see it’s one degree outside, it’s hard to respond in a cheerful way.

So when we heard that our Mammoth boats are heading to North Carolina for some rest and relaxation, we nearly had a riot on our hands.

Mammoth boats from Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

Paul, Michael and Mike packing up the Mammoth boats.

No fair! Why the trip to warm and sunny North Carolina? And why can’t the rest of us go?

Did you know our Mammoth boats aren’t just inflated rafts? They each have a 200-pound steel plate in them.


That’s because of the linear induction motors (LIMs) which propel the boats magically up the hills (gravity takes care of the downhill portion). This is a greatly oversimplified explanation, but the push up the hill is produced by magnetic forces. So the LIMs in the Mammoth flume use massive magnets to give the steel-plated boats a smooth but powerful push up each Mammoth hill.

In North Carolina, inspectors will check each boat and provide any TLC they may need to get them ready for this summer.

Because summer really isn’t that far off … right?


Show us your boot stompin’ best!

It’s nearly Auditions Time at Holiday World!

For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday photo on Instagram, here’s a look at our Rockin’ the Country show from 2007:

Click here for more information about our February 8 auditions.

Looking for a seasonal job that doesn’t require a Gotta-Sing-Gotta-Dance attitude? We’re looking for 2,100 smiling faces and happy personalities – click here to learn how to apply online for our seasonal jobs.

Are you game for a summer job?

Yes, okay, so it feels like we’re at the Arctic Circle right now, I know. Who in their right mind is thinking about lifeguarding, running a Dippin’ Dots stand, and dancing outdoors with Holidog this time of the year?

Uh … that would be us.

That’s right; we’re accepting online applications for seasonal employment.

Which department is best for you? We certainly have a variety of opportunities, so if you shop around a bit, you’re sure to fine a position that is a good fit for your skills and interests.

Here’s another in our series of Video Job Previews – this time we’re taking a look at our Games Department:

For more information about all of our seasonal job opportunities and the link to our online application form, please head over to our Jobs page.

Tunneling our way to spring

What’s that they say about seeing a light at the end of the tunnel?

With tonight’s snowy forecast, we are looking hard for that sunshiny light of spring!

Well, at least we have the tunnel, right?

Tunnel construction at Holidog Express

And where exactly is this under-construction tunnel?

It’s along that last curve as you head back to the station while riding Holidog Express.

New tunnel at Holiday World's Holidog Express

Got your bearings now?

That little fellow in the yellow shorts is an offspring of the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe.

New tunnel at Holidog Express

There’s that roomy shoe – over on the right! The little sibling up top – sporting a diaper? When we added Kitty’s Tea Party last season we realized we were getting a little too up-close-and-personal with the toddler’s rump.

Our painters strategically added a tad more diaper to make the little rascal a bit less … um, cheeky.

There you have it: A little-known Holiday World fact.

Should have stayed that way? Yes, well … sorry.

A Mammoth #FlashbackFriday

Were snowflakes flying in your neighborhood today? They were swirling wildly for a while here in Santa Claus.

Two years ago this week, it was Mammoth fiberglass that was flying. We thought this would make a fun #FlashbackFriday photo.

Best staff meeting ever!

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some great staff meetings over the years. That’s when we all learn about “what’s new” for the next season and get updates about staff promotions and such.

But it will be mighty hard to top today’s meeting.

We gathered in the HR Lobby at 9:30 this morning and were invited to board this bus:

All aboard! Holiday World staff heads out for a great meeting!

It was snowing quite enthusiastically at the time, which added to the festive nature of this surprise mystery trip.

We headed north on Highway 162 through Ferdinand to Jasper.

To the movie theater in Jasper.

To see …

Holiday World's staff gets a private screening of Saving Mr. Banks!

For some reason, there weren’t any movie posters on the inside of the theater, so I dragged those who were last in line for popcorn and sodas outside in the snow and wind for a quick photo.

Then we hurried back inside to join the rest of our already-seated staff.

Saving Mr. Banks? A wonderful movie – and a heartfelt reminder that you never know how a person’s childhood has impacted that person’s view of the world.

And that our world is a sweeter, kinder place thanks to Mary Poppins, P.L. Travers, and Walt Disney.