By Paula @ Holiday World

One of the most  common questions we receive when we add a new roller coaster is, “How tall do you have to be to ride?”
And then a few also ask, “How tall is too tall?”

Andy on Thunderbird roller coaster

Meet Andy.

He’s on the high end of the measuring stick.

Andy is one of our four Attractions Managers. He was sweating it for a while when we announced Thunderbird.

… because he loves roller coasters and could hardly imagine coming to work every day without being able to ride our new steel coaster.

Thunderbird is a wing coaster, meaning your feet are dangling. Sometimes straight down and sometimes straight up.

And oftentimes in between.

Oh, and there are all sorts of “near misses” along Thunderbird’s flight route. You know, like the tunnels on The Voyage? Where you know that there’s plenty of room, but still instinctively duck your head as you careen toward it?

Yes. Those.

You already know about Crow’s Nest. And Thunderbird’s dance with Voyage.

There’s also this.

Thunderbird's keyhole building

In roller coaster terminology, it’s called a “keyhole building.”

And it’s under construction as we speak.

We’re an efficient bunch, so we use it twice. Thunderbird will “crash” through this barn a-comin’ and a-goin’.

It will be awesome.

Where is it located? Right across from one of Voyage’s tunnels.

Thunderbird's keyhole building, across from a Voyage tunnel

Stephen said it felt like Voyage was photobombing Thunderbird today.

Thunderbird and Voyage

Here’s another view:

Thunderbird roller coaster's twists and turns

Meanwhile, how is beanpole Andy doing? Will he get to ride? (And will he forgive me for that beanpole crack?)

Yes! As long as he doesn’t grow any more – and rides Thunderbird without shoes – he should be good to go. All 6’6″ of him.

Here’s our entire Out To Launch Bunch, Attractions Managers Andy, Jennifer, Lori and Alex. Just hangin’ around, ready to ride …

Back to that earlier question about minimum height to ride Thunderbird roller coaster? Riders must be at least 52″ tall, which translates into 4’4″.

We’re at T-minus-96 in our daily countdown. And the excitement is mounting!

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9 Responses to “The height of anticipation”

  1. Lori Stanley

    Any chance your going to have a ticket giveaway for the grand opening of Thunderbird?
    We live too far away to be season pass holders but would love to be one of the first to ride. Huge HolidayWorld fan..

  2. Elizabeth Kirsch

    Can’t wait to ride this so excited!!!!! My sisters family and I got season passes!!!!!!

  3. Jimmy

    What about weight? I am a little chubby around the middle. Will this be hard for over weight people?