By Paula @ Holiday World

Rayvon Owen in Rejoice! 2011Four years ago, a young man from Richmond, Virginia, auditioned to be in our musical shows.

Rayvon Owen was invited to join us for the 2011 season, and we’re so glad he did.

My middle son, John, worked tech for the shows that season. He remembers Rayvon as a really nice guy, with a voice “as smooth as butter.”

Fast-forward four years and Rayvon has another audition.

Tomorrow night.

In San Francisco.

For American Idol.

You be the judge:

We wish Rayvon the very best tomorrow evening. We plan to cheer him on and remember fondly his summer with us, as a “smooth as butter” vocalist in our Rejoice! and Legacy shows.

And when are our auditions for this season? They’re coming up on March 1. Check out our Holiday World Audition Information here on our website.

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3 Responses to “An audition for American Idol”

  1. gerry

    Rayvon was the best voice i have heard so far on all the
    auditions. I stopped what i was doing to check this out. beautiful voice.