By Paula @ Holiday World

… and Splashin’ Safari.

And even our Santa statue:

Santa statue, Minecraft style

At first, I really felt badly that I’d missed the “hey, take a look!” tweet from the creator of this impressive Minecraft rendition of our parks:

… by several months.

But when I noticed the date of the tweet and saw it was posted the day before our big Thunderbird roller coaster announcement last July, it seemed likely that anyone who was this big of a fan would understand one overlooked missive.

Matt, for one, is thrilled. Although our park president admits he’s a bit puzzled by the Minecraft phenomenon, his six-year-old son – Drew – has it all figured out.

First, middle-child Claire, 10, proclaimed the park tour legit.

The Raven, Minecraft style

Drew quickly corrected his big sister, “No. It’s better than legit.”

Big thanks to WolfStrike150 for the three months of devotion in creating our park on Minecraft – can’t wait to see v2.0!

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One Response to “A Minecraft look at Holiday World”

  1. Shirley Blazey

    Very neat. saw it on TV yesterday. Good Luck to all with New Season. Bringing joy to others is good medicine.”Smiles are frowns turned upside down” (old saying,but true). Shirley