By Paula @ Holiday World

If you’ve watched our Thunderbird animation, you already know that our new roller coaster doesn’t exactly sputter to a lackluster ending.

Not hardly.

In fact, we save not one – but two – of the most amazing “near misses” for the end of the ride.

Thunderbird's fly-through barn

We call this our Fly-Through Barn.

Here’s a slightly more dramatic angle:

Thunderbird's fly-through barn

Fear not! This is perfectly safe, as VP James explains in our newest edition of the Hard Hat Chronicles:

We have a feeling this particular pair of “near-misses” will be Thunderbird’s most popular, hands down.

Thunderbird's fly-through barn

Or, rather, hands up.

Thunderbird's fly-through barn

Opening Day is April 25. Can’t wait that long? Our Season Passholders get to ride the evening before. Check over here for details about our Easy Pay option, which is available through February 15.

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One Response to “Barn-again coaster”

  1. Arthur

    Our 8 year old non-virbal autistic son cannot wait to ride the thunderbird. He watches the videos hours at a time. He is truly a roller coaster freak . He loves the Raven, The Legend and of course the Voyage. Then their is the Water coasters. He truly would live at Holiday World.