By Paula @ Holiday World

If you follow the HoliBlog, you already know we’re busting with pride over Rayvon Owen, who was in our shows back in 2011.

He auditioned for American Idol and got his Golden Ticket.

Each week our friend takes another step toward his dream.

This performance hasn’t aired just yet, but since American Idol posted this clip on their YouTube Channel, we’re thinking it’s only fair to share it.

That’s Rayvon in the green shirt. The one who can really, really sing.

Good luck to all the contestants this week. (And if you know anyone who’d like to audition for our shows, please refer them to our Auditions page for details about our March 1 try outs. You never know what a summer at Holiday World could lead to …)

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5 Responses to “A sneak peek”

  1. Mike Brown

    Hats off to Rayvon. Excellent job and congrats to Holiday World for having an American Idol contestant as part of the Holiday World family. It’s like watching your baby grow up and go to college. Good Luck Rayvon and here’s to making it to the TOP 12 and up!!