By Paula @ Holiday World

Everybody loves a good countdown, right?

And when you’re building a launched roller coaster, it’s even more appropriate.

Confession time: Back in the summer, toward the end of our 66 Days at Sea teaser campaign leading up to our big Thunderbird announcement, I slapped this title on one of Leah’s blog posts without running it through the usual eight thousand or so filters noisily housed in my feeble brain: “T-minus 12 days” Seemed like a fun reminder that in less than two weeks all would be revealed. Only moments later, though, someone chirped up online with: “It’s a launched coaster! That’s the countdown to a launch!”


Following a moment of great discontent, though, I realized there had been so many clues mixed with so many red herrings over the two previous months that one person’s definitive clue would be another one’s proof that “they’re just messing with us again.”

And so, when I glanced at my wall calendar (which doubles as a countdown calendar) today, the number “66” jumped off the wall at me.

What’s your take on 66 days? For the Pilgrims on board the Mayflower it must have seemed interminable. For our 90 full-timers here at Holiday World, it feels like a just a few blinks away. And for all of us in the deep-chill of winter, each day closer to spring is the promise of hope for the return of budding trees, blossoming flowers and short-sleeved shirts!

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