By Paula @ Holiday World

Isn’t it funny how the mind works?

(Advance apologies to anyone who isn’t an A Christmas Story aficionado.)

This morning, Matt and I had a pre-dawn appointment to head to Owensboro, Kentucky, to join Chad and Brett for a half hour on their WBKR morning show.

So at 4:45am, I was getting a cup of coffee and trying to resist looking at the weather app on my phone.

Because the number wasn’t positive.

If you know what I mean.

And rather than forcing my mind to think of something other than the brain freeze I was about to experience, suddenly the thought of just how cold Thunderbird‘s steel structure must be sent a chill down my spine. Surely no one would pull a Flick*!

*Another reference from A Christmas Story

You know, after some smart-mouthed kid “triple dog dared” him

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We had fun chatting on the air with Chad and Brett. Chad even modeled his new “Orange is the New Track” shirt and asked how soon he could personally replace one of our test dummies:

We’re 65 days away from Opening Day. Which are you more excited about: A ride on Thunderbird or a big piece of fu-u-u-u-dge?

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4 Responses to “Flick? Who’s Flick?”

  1. geoff

    Of course those of us in Cleveland know of A Christmas Story. It is a holiday tradition. Like you in Santa Claus we have a little of Christmas everyday. The house where the movie was filmed is no more than a five minute drive from where i write this. It is open pretty much all year long and actually pretty neat to see in person. Now that whole flick thing, i wouldnt go near that even in Florida in this cold we are seeing.

  2. Jeromy Lormand

    I can get fudge here in every hotel!!! (i live in las vegas)… but i can ONLY get Thunderbird at HolidayWorld… so I’m excited for that!!!! I’ve always wanted to go to HolidayWorld, but It’s never been on any of my Must do lists… now… you are at the top… Maggie and I have booked our flights/hotels for the event at the end of May!!!! YAY!!!!!!