By Paula @ Holiday World

Thanks to everyone who entered our sweepstakes – our winner is Faith C. from Franklin, Ohio.

Faith wins four one-day tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari plus two nights in a Christmas Cabin at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort. Thanks again to all who entered!


You’ve been hungry for a steel coaster for years – and we’ve heard your bellies rumbling.

Since Thunderbird – our new steel roller coaster – opens next month, it’s time for a new sweepstakes.

And since Thunderbird is the nation’s first launched wing coaster, we’ll call this the “Almost Launch Time!” sweepstakes.

Thunderbird testing started a week ago. Here’s just a taste. An amusement bouche, if you will (and if you’re a Top Chef watcher.)

How to enter our “Almost Launch Time” Sweepstakes? Let’s start with a few necessaries:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
  • Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort, Sun Communities, and Sun RV Resort (and the immediate family members of employees) are not eligible to enter.
  • Use the widget, below, to enter daily. There are lots of options, so you can earn extra entries by posting here on our HoliBlog, tweeting about this sweepstakes, and visiting us on our Facebook pages. The winner – chosen at random – will be emailed the afternoon of March 20. If you win this sweepstakes, which includes overnights in a Christmas Cabin at Lake Rudolph, please note you must be at least 21 to phone in your lodging reservation; cabin availability includes these dates: May 1 – 21 and May 25 – June 11, 2015.
  •  For the “post a comment on the blog” entry option, simply tell us who in your family is excited to ride Thunderbird. (Our comments are moderated, so as long as the content is HoliFriendly, it will appear soon.) Did you know you can subscribe to our HoliBlog so that you receive all of our posts (including contests) by email? If you’re using a desktop computer or tablet, look for the “Subscribe to Blog” sidebar at the top-right corner of this page. On a smartphone? Just scroll down a tiny bit more to find it.

Ready to enter? Of course you are: Simply enter our sweepstakes here from a mobile device; or if you’re using an immobile device, enter by using the widget, below. And not just today – enter daily through Friday, March 20, 2015 at 2pm CDT.

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Thunderbird opens April 25 – don’t be late for launch!

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1,179 Responses to “Sweepstakes: Almost Launch Time!”

  1. Barbara Baker

    We love Holiday World and Rudolph Campground. It has been our family’s vacation destination for the last 2 years.

      • Amanda

        Thank you very much! Hopefully there will be another contest….. My oldest son has autism and loves roller coasters so we are hoping to make it to holiday world this summer for the first time, however we will be moving also this summer so due to finances it may have to wait until next year! Thanks again for the quick response!

  2. Susan S.

    We can’t wait to try out the New Coaster. My kids LOVE roller coasters and are thrill seekers. We have never been to Holiday World but would love a reason for a road trip in that direction!!!!!

  3. Debra rRye

    I would have gave anything to have seen this b4 it run out but I’m at the doctor a lot and they won’t let you have phone on .( But I have see. This on T.V . And I would love to come there 1 time I’m losing my legs and I want to see this place before I do but I’m on S.S.I. And this place would make my life feel a little Bit Better I will never get to run after my grand kids when I get any I wont get to to what most granny do with there grand baby’s and I love water and this place would have made a 49 year old women feel a live but I can always see it on T.V. Cause next year I wont never get to come I see it has to parks but I can’t stay in the heat unless I have water cause I can’t breath good I was born like that so I have to have water to cool me down I’m sorry I miss this place I seen it on the best places to go it was on the top parks on TV but god made me this way and that’s why he gave us Dreams 🙂 I have been to some places before this happen but this park was on my list this year but I don’t guess it meant to be but the lady I see on there when the dhow this park and who every reads this give me her my blessing of having a great park on TV and God will alwYs take care of her and her family give her my best and she does have a lovely park that I have she on tv and I wish her the best I wish I could have see it and ride some of them pretty rides 🙂 and this is no lie god knows but love the pic.of the park:)

  4. Susan S.

    We have family in that area – Tickets would be a great to enjoy a little Holiday World and Family!

  5. Debbie Atherton

    I did not gat to bring my family last year because of illness. I would to win these tickets!