By Paula @ Holiday World

On Wednesday, we hosted a news crew from WDRB-TV in Louisville.

Courtney from WDRB-TV

You may notice I cropped the photo so that you can’t see how muddy Courtney’s shoes were. Between the rain and the melting snow and ice this week, it was a challenge to meander our way from Thunderbird’s maintenance building to our new roller coaster’s loading station.

Just as the interview with Matt and James wrapped, we shook our heads at the irony as a dump truck full of gravel arrived to provide the Sir Walter Raleigh treatment to the plaza area.

Click here to view Courtney’s report.

Did you know Season Passholders get to ride Thunderbird (and lots more) the evening before Opening Day? We’ll have five hours of fun on April 24. Head over here to order your Season Passes online. Although it’s T-minus-41-days for most, it’s T-minus-40 for Season Passholders!

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