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4 Responses to “The cry of the Thunderbird”

  1. Mickey

    Sorry the plagerize “One Of My farorite things:

    Thunderbird on wings -an children who want to scream
    As you hear roar of its wing it – its hard to believe
    Legs hanging down – as we loop around
    Is now One of my new favorite things

    Orange colored rails – and wings of steel
    Thundering thru trees – so close to our feet
    The ground is so near – The sky is so blue
    Is now my new favorite thing to do
    When the thunder rolls
    An the wheels howl
    AN my stomach turns
    I simply remember my new favorite thing
    An then ride the Thunderbird ….again

  2. John Stutsman

    Can’t wait to hear those sounds in real life! This looks and sounds so incredibly awesome!