By Paula @ Holiday World

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved the 25th of each month.

Because the 25th ties in with Christmas.

“Christmas is three months away!” Always a thrill.

This countdown habit of mine continues to this day. And so …

Happy Christmas in March!

We are, as of today, one month away from Opening Day. Yes, Thunderbird opens on Christmas in April.

Two days before Opening Day is a big day, too: our Media Preview Day.

News directors are already scoping out how to provide great coverage:

Would you like to spend the day as one of our riders on Media Preview Day? There’s one way to make that happen – and that’s by placing one of the 20 winning bids in our Thunderbird’s First Flight Auction. Winners get to be the first riders on Thunderbird that morning, plus stay (and ride!) all day and receive free tickets for another visit this season. This auction is to benefit Give Kids the World. Learn more here on our Thunderbird’s First Flight Auction page. Good luck!

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