By Paula @ Holiday World

We posted this video snip a week ago, to share we had both trains on Thunderbird’s track (an important step in the testing process) and to point out the haunting cry of the Thunderbird.

What we didn’t explain was the “chch” sound as each train processes through the loading station.

Here’s the answer, from VP James: There are five sets of electrical contacts in the station (one per car). This allows the ride computer to talk to the train while in the station (for example, to check that the harnesses are all locked before dispatch). These are spring-loaded contacts, causing the ‘chch’ noise as the train passes over them.

It’s March 28. And Thunderbird opens in 28 days.

Would you like to ride two days before Opening Day – and help the wonderful Give Kids The World Village? Place a bid on our Thunderbird’s First Flight Auction.

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