“Film at 4!”

Courtney from WDRB

We keep a supply of hard hats for visiting news media.

We learned today we should keep some mud boots on hand, too. (VP James assured us we’re pouring lots of concrete for walkways this week.)

Courtney and Dave from WDRB-TV were very good sports as they put together a news story about our new roller coaster. Mud is better than snow and ice, right?

Courtney’s story will air on WDRB-TV in Louisville at 4pm EDT today.

And there are 45 days until Opening Day, when Thunderbird opens to the public.

What’s for launch?

Mother Nature is giving us one last kick in the tail feathers today, with a mix of sleet and snow.

So what’s for launch on a chilly day?

Thunderbird Soup

Our #LaunchPlans countdown continues: T minus 52 days till Thunderbird soars.