By Paula @ Holiday World

Okay, so we’re not talking about Thunderbird’s barrel roll or the three sections of 90-degree track on Voyage.

This time we’re talking about degrees of separation. You know, like the movie.

The “six degrees of separation” theory goes something like this: everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world.

Thanks to this guy, our small world (oops, wrong park) just got smaller.

That’s right – American Idol Top 8 Finalist Rayvon Owen performed here at Holiday World back in 2011.

Talented guy.

Rayvon OwenAnd even more important – really, really nice guy.

And thanks to Rayvon, if you happen to see Matt , Leah, Lauren, Lori, Sandi, Eric … the list goes on and on … in the park this season, you will be Two Degrees from Rayvon.

And you know what that means? Three Degrees from J-Lo! And Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Boy George, Ryan Seacrest, Aretha Franklin, Salt-N-Pepa – the list goes on and on! (And don’t even get me started on the Four Degrees list!)

Oh, and Harry Connick, Jr.

But I’ve got a bone to pick with ol’ Harry. He’s critiqued Rayvon several times for being too happy.

Really. Too happy.

For smiling too much.

Harry – leave our guy alone! After all, Rayvon attended our Hospitality Training when he performed here. One of the tenets in our Friendliness Forums is that our Guests simply ask for us to “Smile At Me.”

Frankly, he can’t help himself!

American Idol plans to whittle their list of finalists down to the Lucky 7 tonight. We hope you’ll join us in cheering (and voting) for Rayvon.

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One Response to “How many degrees?”

  1. Lisa

    Go Rayvon. I’ve seen Rayvon’s American Idol video clips online but still haven’t watched the show. I haven’t watched American Idol much since post Simon and the last few years have been especially sparse viewing. What’s with Harry Connick Jr saying “smiling too much”? Wow, more proof the show has lost credibility. I will do my best to watch the next show and phone in a vote for Rayvon. Good luck Rayvon!