By Paula @ Holiday World

New deadline: 3pm CDT on Monday, April 20!

When Kaylee from Give Kids The World called to tell us we’d raised more than enough to fund a family’s week-long visit to their incredible Village in Florida, most of us got a little misty-eyed.

Families with children who have life-threatening illnesses deserve a blissful week of carefree fun.

And so we’ve decided to raise enough to sponsor a second family.

With your help.Thunderbird and Give Kids The World

Although Thunderbird’s First Flight Auction has concluded, there are still plenty of rides to be had during the rest of our Media Preview Day on Thursday, April 23.

Would you like to be one of those riders? You’ll get to ride all day long on Thunderbird, Voyage, and Crow’s Nest, take a behind-the-scenes tour – plus we’ll throw in a few surprises. Oh, and some really good food. Including Thunderbird Ice Cream.

All it takes is a $50 donation per person and we’ll add you to our Guest List for the day. (Participants must be at least 52″ tall but no taller than 6’6″ to ride Thunderbird.)

Here’s where to make your donation to Give Kids The World. We’ll follow up with an emailed agenda.

We’ll accept up to 100 of these $50 donations through this Sunday night at 11:59pm CDT, so please don’t wait.

Thank you. Just … thank you.

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5 Responses to “Let’s help Give Kids The World even more!”

  1. Anissa

    We are a local family who experienced Give Kids The World first hand last December when my daughter was granted her wish to go meet some princesses. It is a magical place, for certain. We love Holiday World, too, and now even more with your support of GKTW. Thank you!

    • Another Wish Parent

      if by last December you mean in 2014, don’t forget about your “passport” you got at checkout from GKTW, Holiday World is listed in the accompanying booklet. also see if there are any other places listed in the booklet that you may want to vacation to while you can for free admission.

  2. Steve

    Holiday World you ROCK! As a volunteer at GKTW I realize how much corporate sponsors make the Village what it is!

  3. John Gentil

    Dear friends, Please thank “Lorain” for helping me with the donation for this event. I tried and tried Sunday and was unable to complete a transaction. I spoke with Lorain on Monday and she helped me through the process. I had no idea that I had to use firefox to donate. I guess I’ll receive more info by email? I have my receipts and plan on attending the event on Thursday. Thanks again, John Gentil.