By Paula @ Holiday World

If you follow us on social media (especially Twitter!) you know that each Wednesday night, we’re cheering for park alum Rayvon Owen on American Idol.

Rayvon OwenFor the past three weeks, Rayvon has received the “Twitter Save” from fans and continued on to another week in the high-stakes competition.

That first time, my iPhone nearly exploded. Between Matt, Eric and countless others, there was a plea for an immediate Twitter lesson.

But the clock was ticking and I had four accounts to push to #SaveRayvon. “Take it to Facebook!” I hurriedly typed. “You know how that works and I bet lots of your followers are on Twitter. Hurry!”

The next week, Rayvon was again in need of saving. I texted Matt, “Should this go on our Facebook page?”

“Yes,” he texted back. “He’s one of our own.”

And so, as another Wednesday approaches, I asked Matt to jot down his thoughts about our alum who keeps smiling and singing with complete sincerity week after week.

As we get ready to open our biggest season ever, it’s always a bright point to see the shining smiles of our Host and Hostesses as they start their “careers” with Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. We take pride in the fact that we touch the hearts of so many Guests – but we also touch each other’s lives in this fun “roller coaster” of an industry that we love.

A perfect example of this is our very own Rayvon Owen. Rayvon joined us in 2011 as an Entertainer in our “Rejoice” show, a Christian celebration that is unique to our Park. Rayvon was a ray of sunshine all season. His presence alone would light up the stage and our Guests felt his sincerity. That sunshine is still shining for Rayvon as he has now made his way into the hearts of millions, making it now into the Top 6 on American Idol.

Throughout this process, Rayvon and I have communicated back and forth and I am still in awe of this young man. He is truly astounded with how well he is being received by his fans. He repeatedly offers thanks. The grace and humility that he has shown, and the true goodness that is in his heart, shines through with every performance. He takes nothing for granted, appreciates all of life’s experiences, and has never once forgotten the path he has taken to get him to where he is today.

We are so blessed to have been a part of that path, and will continue to root for him – as well as all of our Hosts and Hostesses – on their journeys to success.


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2 Responses to “He is always on our minds”

  1. John Haag

    Good things happen to good people. Good people are the only kind I have run into working at Holiday World. I will be rooting for Rayvon right along side the Holiday World family.