By Paula @ Holiday World

Well, that’s embarrassing.

As someone who types every last letter of every single word – even when texting, a slip of the index finger can lead to a stunning repercussion.

As Sophia from The Golden Girls would say, “Picture it: White House, Tennessee; 2015 …”

Our Entertainment staff is off-site this weekend, deep into rehearsals for our new shows for this season.

Leah texted me excitedly about the cast of characters. We have “powerhouse vocalists,” plus circus-themed specialty acts, including break dancers, a silk dancer, and a juggling unicyclist.

Cool, huh?

So I texted her back.

Here’s what I meant to say: Glad you’re so excited about the show. Start blogging!

But since I have this shortcut programmed into my texting: sp = Season Pass … and typoed “sp” instead of “so,” my text turned into:

“Glad you’re Season Pass excited about the show.”

Of course, I didn’t catch it until Leah’s reply: I AM season pass excited!

Huh? What?

Oh. No.

Her next text: I hope you know this is a thing now.

Yes, of course it is.

Because our entire Entertainment cast for 2015 was just clued in, right?

And so:

This is as teasing a bunch as I’ve ever met.

Leah comes by it honestly, from her parents.

And she is season-pass excited about that. And about getting a chance to try her hand – er, legs – at unicycling.

Leah on a unicycle

We hope you’re season-pass excited about riding Thunderbird this weekend. Yes, we know there’s a 50-percent chance of an afternoon storm – but that means there’s also a 50-percent chance of no storms. And there’s a 100-percent chance you’ll save a bunch with this great deal on e-tickets this weekend.

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5 Responses to “The typo heard round the World”

  1. katie

    I wish there was a way to make a virtual rollercoaster for us grounded individuals.

  2. Bob Kearsing

    Yes,we’re season pass excited ???? planning the vacation,we’re so excited ???? can’t wait till we’re reunited,cuz we’re season pass excited ????!!!! See you soon ????