By Paula @ Holiday World

If you don’t live within about a three-hour radius of Santa Claus, Indiana, chances are you’ve never seen our television commercials.

So here is our newest, fresh out of the edit suite and airing beginning today:

Thanks to all of our extras who rode Thunderbird over and over … wait – maybe they should be thanking us! It was a fun couple of days – we hope you enjoy the spot.

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55 Responses to “As seen on TV”

  1. Magellan

    Finally a commercial we can watch! The ads for Holiday World have been embarrassing, to say the least! PLEASE no longer show the butter turning ad! It is awful! You need happier, fun filled, exciting commercials, not the type to put one to sleep and hope it doesn’t cause a nightmare!!

    • Greg

      I disagree. I prefer the scary, dark, demonic-voiced commercials that make the rides seem like truly adult, scary rides, not like little trains that 10-year-old girls ride with granny.

  2. Jessica Walters

    I’ve watched the commercial a numerous amount of times and LOVE IT!!!! You guys need commercials like this, that’s fun and exciting! I can’t wait to go to Holiday World with my family in July (there’s about 20 of us going) Can’t wait to ride the Thunderbird!!!! Keep up the good work, Holiday World!!!! 😀

  3. Joel Hassel

    I love roller coasters! Me and my youth group are taking a trip to Holiday World on June 25Th and the 26Th. We are spending the night at Lincoln State Park. We are going to Holiday World on Friday. I CAN’T WAIT!

  4. stephanie

    I went to Nashville shores but when me and my Little sister watched the commercial she was like WE ARE SO GOING!!!!!!!! And then i Said I don’t think so becuz my mom Just got us season passes for Nashville shores and for a month my Little sister begged and begged and begged that seemed like FOREVER and then my mom Said you know what we are going this friday and my sister cried of happiness but mye and my brother and my baby sister did’nt belice her so when friday came we woke up at 5:00 am she Said are you ready and we Said ready for what and she Said what do you mean ready for what were going to…..HOLIDAY WORLD

  5. Lily

    I am ready for this ride. Going in June it will be my fifth time I love this place.

  6. Grace Ferrand

    I can’t wait until the 4th of July, we will be going to Holiday World. The Thunder Bird sounds fun!????

  7. Timothy

    Hey Holiday World cool Roller coaster i was hoping to see a B&M Roller Coaster there someday well looks like its happen i am looking to set a new era this year year and taking a ride up front on all 4 Roller Coasters

  8. savannah

    holiday world is perfect for all of your family and it is unexpeseve you get free drink also if you are thinking about going to holiday world you should go im 11 and I love going every year

  9. Tamika Carter

    I love holiday world I went for the first time about 4 years ago and now me and my family brother and sister we are coming back July the 18th. See y’all then

    • Russell

      My. Name. Is. Russell. Yea. I’m. Going. Also. There. Eight. Of. Us. Going. On. July. 18

  10. rick

    we love the park and camp ground love the country music just hated to wait till 7 to see it the world of wonder was great to are favorite was the wave pool grand kids love every thing to cant quit talking about it

    • G.N.

      I love it!!!!!!!!!! It’s awesome its smooth and everything!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. paislayne06

    we are going to Holiday World tomorrow and I am so exited .We went 4 years ago and I was barley tall enough for any of the rides.

  12. Corinne Gainey

    I loved the thunder bird so much it was my first roller coaster and the first time I went i was with my sister and I hated it until the first loop then I knew that I loved it! It is my favorite ride in holiday world and I don’t even know my favorite ride at splashin safari I just love holiday world and I have for ever i just love it so. Much and in going again on Monday in so excited holiday world and splashin safari beats every amusement park on my list (that even includes disney!)

  13. Devin Zabel

    The last time i went to Holiday world was 2 years ago of monday i had a blast then but they didn’t have the THUNDERBIRD!!! I thought it was great it is the smoothest rollercoaster i have been on in a long time.

  14. angela

    We have been coming to Santa Clause Land, Indiana since the sixties and have watched it grow into our favorite amusement park! It’s immaculate, staff is very friendly, and the rides are well maintained and shows are amazing! Food is a bit pricey. But free sunscreen, sodas, and parking make up for it.

  15. reagan

    Wow this looks so fun!!!!! I have been waiting so long or the thunderbird well since I have heard about it.can’t wait.

  16. Blake

    The thunderbird was so much fun, im 8 years old and last summer was my first time able to ride roller coasters it was so fun im going again.

  17. Shirley

    I rode the Thunderbird. Absolutely amazing!! I’m headed back tomorrow to enjoy it again, and again, and again!! I hope there’s more coasters like this in the future.

  18. Dennis

    I have been going to holiday world since it was Santa Claus Land and I was in high school. I even worked there for a summer. I love the park and the new additions are a great touch. The Koch family really knows how to satisfy. The Thunderbird is the BEST EVER coaster ride. I loved it, and I’m coming this summer again with my children.

  19. Melissa

    Went to HW for the first time 20 years ago, and it was decent then as well, glad to see that they are still stepping up to stay with the times and keeping it a FUN FOR ALL AGES FAMILY PARK. Hope to visit again soon

  20. aniya jhonson

    I just got back from holiday world last week and the thunderbird but it need to be longer

  21. Tarya Lucos

    I love roller coasters to but dang that ride look fast I’m a little scared by looking at the video but look very exciting ,my son’s will be there soon they are so excited especially my young son ,because we live in Minnesota and the ain’t near got rides like this but greater America do.

  22. Zoey

    The Thunder Bird is so fun! But the lines are almost always sooooo long, but t is worth the wait!

  23. Lori

    My older boys would love this…my teenage self would have, unfortunately my 37 year old self is telling me I’m crazy. All in all, this would be a great family vacation spot for all 6 of us.

  24. Daytona

    By far one of my favorite rides EVER! Such a thrill. Can’t wait to ride this summer!!