By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s that time again. The primaries are over and the Fall elections are still months away.

And during the lull, when the skies are blue and the temperatures are toasty, USA Today launches its “Readers’ Choice” campaign.

We’re thrilled to be nominated in two categories:

Best New Amusement Park Attraction: Thunderbird

Best Roller Coaster: The Voyage

If you’d like to see Thunderbird and Voyage take top honors, please click on each link, above, and click “Vote.” You don’t have to sign up (or “log in”) for anything, all it takes is that one click for each vote.

This is one of those “vote once a day” polls, so the old chestnut “Vote Early and Vote Often” applies here legally.

If you haven’t had a chance to ride Thunderbird yet, here’s a look at our beautiful bird:

When is the best time to ride? Now that the summer temps are here and Splashin’ Safari is calling, mid-afternoon.

Oh, and after dark, too. Definitely. (We’re open till 9pm daily now, plus 10pm on Saturdays, Central Daylight Time.)

Thank you!

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5 Responses to “Vote early, vote often”

  1. Catie Jackson

    I visited holiday world on Thursday June 11 and the thunderbird was my favorite ride there! I rode it 7 times and I’ve been going to holiday world every year since I was a little kid

  2. Janice

    We need this fathers day weekend to celebrate with the father , son, and son in laws with the rest of the family. They all work hard and deserve their day to be at one of the best places with the best rides around.

  3. Miranda

    I love Holiday World because of the free drinks and the water park!! It’s a smoke free friendly park that is a great place to take your kids!! Plus free sunscreen! They really do think of everything!

  4. Lexy brown

    I love all the rides at Hoilday world it is hard to pick just one the Voyage is the best it is the longest ride I thank at holiday world. but the Thunderbird is the coolest ever and it is so smooth and not as ruff as the wooden roller coaster. I like the Thunderbird roller coaster best. I may a Thundergirl.