By Paula @ Holiday World

Okay, so we can officially let the cat out of the bag now.

Travel Channel was here today.

But that wasn’t the secret. What we couldn’t talk about ahead of time was what this new show is about.

Well, we still have to keep quiet about that. Sorry.

But we can tell you who the hosts of this show are.

Kari Byron interviews VP James

Do you recognize Kari?

Oh, wait, Tory’s face is blocked. (We were all squished together like a bunch of geekarazzi.)

Wait. Try this photo (thanks, Leah!):

Tory, James and Kari

VP James, a big fan of Mythbusters, admitted to me this was a bucket-list kind of day for him. Just watching Tory and Kari host an episode of their new Travel Channel show from afar was a thrill.

James hung back when others asked for photos and autographs in the Thunderbird station. When Matt noticed, he pulled James over and introduced them all around. I piped up, “You know, this is the guy who was project manager for Thunderbird. He got this thing built!”

Suddenly the orange shoe was on the other foot.

Once Kari and Tory met James, they knew they had to get him on camera.

Unplanned. Unscripted. Unavoidable.

James gave me such a look. Our rather reluctant YouTube host whispered, “The Hard Hat Chronicles is one thing … but this?”

Yes. Of course.


“Why do you think we started The Hard Hat Chronicles so long ago?” I replied, trying to disguise my it-was-all-part-of-my-plan smugness. “We knew this day would come. I wanted you to be ready.”

Matt was grinning from ear to ear. “You’ll do great, James!”

James wasn’t quite there yet. “I think I should probably be mad at you,” he half heartedly directed at me, with a look of defeat crossing his brow.

“I think you’re about to have the best experience of your life,” was my response. (This one’s for you, James’s mom, I thought. He tells me she’s a HoliBlog subscriber and oftentimes knows these stories of our inner workings before he does. And she lives in upstate New York! James had told me earlier she and her office mates vote for Thunderbird in this USA Today poll each day. Thanks, James’s mom!)


Tory, Matt, Leah and Kari

Tory, Matt, Leah and Kari, finishing up this morning’s shoot for a new Travel Channel show. Don’t miss the Thunderbird train photobombing the shot!

So when will this air? Possibly in August. And how will you find out? Maybe take a tip from James’s mom and subscribe to the HoliBlog so you won’t miss one geeky moment.

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3 Responses to “Geek now, or forever hold your peace”

  1. Ernie Craig /Rylan Craig

    A great park to attend.The most caring , friendly workers my eleven year old and I go every week . We can’t get enough.Wondering though Whats going to happen to the old Pilgrims Plunge area? Is something in the works for 2016 there?

    • Jacob Nicholson

      I’m really interested in this, as well. The first time we went in May, the ride was completely drained. It’s now (as of 7/12/2015) filled up with water and fountains again. I never saw the original ride to tell you if the fountains were always there or not, though.