By Lauren R.

Growing up playing sports, I was encouraged to drink pickle juice during summer practices to help prevent muscle cramping. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

Pickle Pops… so the idea of adding pickle juice pops to the menu at Bahari Snacks this season didn’t sound too strange to me.

I love pickles. Always have.

When the opportunity came to taste-test a pickle pop, I gave it a try.

Turns out it tastes exactly like a pickle – only in frozen form.

There are even bits of pickle slices suspended in the frosty goodness.

That’s not to say they’re meant for everyone’s palate.

Recently, we set out to take an entirely non-scientific Pickle Pop Poll in Splashin’ Safari.

Here are the results:

Guests Trying Pickle Juice Pops | Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

The next time you’re marathoning here on a toasty day, consider a Pickle Pop for cooling off your insides.

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3 Responses to “A dilly of a treat”

  1. Joy brown

    Down by the big slide and the little kids area is where parents need lockers to be against the wall…it is a hassle to have to go almost completely out of the swim area to get to a locker…maybe a set of at each swim area like at each wave pool area and up by the kimba Bay Area ….like a long short wall of them behind seating areas or where the smoking areas are in case they are removed….move from locker to locker as your day goes on…

  2. Terry Page

    My grand kids always drink pickle juice or eat frozen pickle juice. they love it. They get it at ball games and the skating rink. They always tell me to save the pickle juice.