By Lauren R.

After being heralded as the World’s Cleanest Park for more than a dozen years, you’d think we’d know every use for a trash can.

This season, we’ve done that trendy re-purpose thing – and trash cans aren’t just for keeping the place tidy anymore.

During your next visit, you may stumble upon our trash-can band before you even see them – they’re our Trash Impactors!

This group of percussionists has added their own spin on cleanliness by creating a catchy rhythm that will make you dance your Pepsi cup to the nearest trash can once the show is over.

Check them out in this Instagram clip:

Our Trash Impactors – keepin’ it clean. #HolidayWorld #percussion #drums #summer #fun #video

A video posted by Holiday World (@holidayworld) on

Some of our Trash Impactors also perform each morning at 9:45am CDT in Christmas Plaza for our Opening Celebration! Join in as Holidog & Friends groove to the sounds of our drum line and some of today’s most popular songs – including a musical tribute to the nation’s first launched wing coaster, Thunderbird!

Opening Celebration Cast
Don’t miss out on any of our shows during your visit – check out our Today: At A Glance for a complete show schedule!

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