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I kid you not.

They were here on Sunday.

They were here. Sunday. #griswolds #HolidayWorld #OpenDailyThroughWednesday #SeeYaThursdayClark

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Chad, our Director of Safety & Security, saw them making a u-turn (not a surprise, right?) in one of our parking lots, so he took a photo.

Thing is … if Clark and the gang want to harass “the moose out front,” they need to wait till Thursday.

Because tomorrow (Wednesday, August 12) is the last weekday we’ll be open this season. (The exception is Labor Day Monday, but that’s a holiday.)

So if you were planning a weekday visit soon, please be sure it’s tomorrow!

And meanwhile, there are still several weekends of summer fun left – check our park calendar for dates and hours. See you soon – and be sure to bring Aunt Edna!

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