By Leah Koch

We have always been a huge MythBusters family. Growing up, we knew all of the hosts by name, and at times talked about them like they were old friends. Once William, my younger brother, got a season on DVD, we watched it 24/7.

Dad was definitely okay with this. He loved watching MythBusters, too.

Will Koch (front, right) taking the first ride on The Voyage, in spring of 2006.

Will Koch (front, right) taking the first ride on The Voyage, in spring of 2006.

Dad was a geek, and he was proud of it, so the show was perfect for him: it combined weird facts, humor, and science.

What could possibly be better?

He wanted the MythBusters team to come to Holiday World.


At one point, he had an entire bank of “coaster myths” ready to go. I honestly thought he was ready to call up the producers and pitch the idea himself.

So when we found out that former MythBusters Tory and Kari had a new show centered on the science of thrill – and that they were coming to Holiday World to ride Thunderbird – we were beyond excited.

Since Thunderbird was Dad’s dream, it’s kind of cool to think that his last coaster finally brought some MythBusters out to Santa Claus, Indiana. We got to make two of his dreams come true for the price of one.

From left: Tory, Leah, Lauren, Kari

From left: Tory, Leah, Lauren, Kari

And since Dad’s no longer with us, Lauren, Matt, and I volunteered to be “Lab Rats,” in his honor. (After all, who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to be a part of an experiment headed up by Kari and Tory?)

It’s a personal bonus for me that the show is premiering on National Middle Child Day. I honestly don’t think this day could get much better. Unless my family forgets about it … again.  (Just kidding.)
Thrill Factor, starring Kari Byron and Tory Belleci, and a team of 10 Lab Rats from Holiday World’s eager staff, premieres tonight on the Travel Channel. The “Battle of the Sexes” episode airs at 7:30pm CT/8:30pm ET. Please join us as we live tweet throughout the show.

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