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You didn’t miss last night’s Thrill Factor premiere, did you? (Or maybe you just want to watch it again?)

We’re getting a lot of requests for a list of when “our” episode will hit the re-run circuit.

While we look it up for you, here’s a fun snippet to watch:

Here we go: Thrill Factor reruns on Travel Channel will air this Sunday (August 16) at 10:30pm CDT and early the next morning at 1:30am CDT.

And speaking of reruns, there are some things in life that never change.

You’ve probably experienced this in your own family – everyone’s all grown up and successful, but when siblings get together it’s like old times. Pillow fights, tattling, and arm wrestling over who washes the dishes. Right?

And so, when Lauren and Leah told show hosts Kari and Tory about their younger brother, William (who was hard at work at his internship on the East Coast), and what a mega-fan he is …

Thanks to everyone who tweeted along with us last night.

Here are a few of our favorite tweets:


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