By Paula @ Holiday World

Just found another out-takes video from our episode of Travel Channel’s new show, Thrill Factor.

Former MythBusters Tory and Kari visited us two months ago, determined to discover – scientifically, of course – which gender is able to best “handle” Thunderbird‘s thrill factor.

We assembled a team of Lab Rats for each host and the testing began.

Thrill Factor shoot

If you’ve watched Thrill Factor’s “Battle of the Sexes” episode, you already know the answer.

Here’s another recent discovery that tickled us no end – because they were listed as “extras” for the episode, the Lab Rats now each have their own page. I came across Leah’s first, and then Matt’s and Lauren’s.

We’ll let you know when our episode airs again; meanwhile, the show airs Wednesday evening on Travel Channel.

Care to “test” Thunderbird for yourself? We’re open nearly every weekend through October 31.

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