By Paula @ Holiday World

Do you carve out some time each fall to create an artistic jack-o-lantern?

Several years ago, we saw this photo online:

Raven pumpkin

… and we just knew we had to work on a series of templates to share. (Thanks to Bryan, a roller coaster enthusiast from Ohio, for getting us started.)

Last fall, we experimented with a number of homemade templates. We had some success and some massive implosions of pumpkin guts. Overall, it wasn’t pretty.

On a lark, I asked Matt the other day for some carving tips to pass along in this blog post.

His replies:

  • Don’t cut yourself (don’t worry – no humans were harmed in our carving exercise last year; Matt’s just very safety-minded).
  • This one got personal: Don’t let your Director of Communications pick out some ridiculously difficult pattern that is virtually impossible to carve perfectly.
  • And finally: Don’t carve pumpkins in front of a heckling audience; this applies to me both at work and home.

Hopefully your experience will provide you with more positive memories than poor Matt.

And so we present you with this Kitty Claws Pumpkin Carving Template.

Kitty Claws Pumpkin

Please download. Please be careful. Please be nice. Please send us a picture of your masterpiece.

And please have a happy, happy Halloween!


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4 Responses to “Carve a Kitty Claws pumpkin!”

  1. Fred

    I like the kitty claws template, but can you also upload templates for Holidog? Thanks! Have a great day

  2. Bonnie Parsons

    Well, Ain’t that just Cute!?!?! We use magic markers rather than knives on our ‘punkins’! Maybe that’s safe enough for Matt? haha!